So, I like to put a little positivity into the world when I can. I do these Monday Motivations to get the week started. The thing is, writing out some motivational words is probably more of a benefit to me than any of the readers that happen by. Of course, I like to believe that someone gets something out of these posts, but the truth is, I struggle sometimes to come up with something worth writing. The process of making myself search for motivation to write about can, itself be motivating. This is a day that I could certainly use the boost.

If you want a good example of lacking motivation, look to the fact that I’m just getting this Monday post put together well into Monday evening. Clearly, I’m a little behind. Here’s a little bit of insight. Myself and my family have been struggling with COVID-19 for several days. I’m going to be honest. It sucks. The virus sucks. The symptoms suck. Most of all, being isolated, being unsure of how bad it’s going to get, and feeling at times like there is no hope of things getting better really sucks. I would say that over the last days, I’ve felt hopeless more than I have in quite some time.

It occurs to me that a feeling of hopelessness could be the inspiration for hope if we look at it the right way. Here’s my possibly fever-induced thought process. You see, I’ve always taken a lot of inspiration from TV and movies. For some reason, the stories where the good guys are outnumbered facing impossible odds were always my favorite. Seeing Superman stop a bank robbery because he’s virtually indestructible was never as compelling as watching a story of a small group or a single person who stood up against someone or something that seemed unstoppable. I think the ability of people to keep fighting no matter what is what makes us special.

Historically, men and women around the world have overcome great odds because they had no other option but to fight. World war II was all but in the hands of the Axis powers, but the stakes were such that the Allies had no option but to give everything they had. During the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s, men and women stood up for equality against a system that was designed to keep their voices silent. Their voices, however, changed the world. These are just some examples that show how sometimes, the greatest struggles inspire the greatest victories.

I honestly don’t know if I’ve made any sense, but I want to leave you with one thing to cap off what I’m attempting to say. If you are feeling hopeless, remember those who have gone before you. Remember that no matter how dark it is, you are not alone. Remember those who rose from darkness and found enough light at the end to share it with the world. Remember that there is hope to be found in the seemingly hopeless. It’s okay to feel down. If you are reading this, give yourself permission to feel bad, to be depressed, and to not feel like you have to be happy right now. Don’t, however, let your present circumstances define your future.

Thank’s for coming to my Ted Talk.

Take care.

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