One of my goals as a writer is to support and celebrate other artists. To this goal, I’ve started the Artist Spotlight series to highlight artists who bring something special to their craft. For the first edition, I’ve selected a musical artist who really stands out in an industry with few modern originals. Here is a look at Dub FX.

Who is Dub FX?

Dub FX is the stage name of an extremely talented Australian musician who I had the good fortune to work with on a project earlier this year. Honestly, I was unfamiliar with his work at first, and even after completing the first phase of work. I was, however, very impressed with his creativity and work ethic. He had a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish and detailed plans for how to do it. I had never worked with someone who had this kind of drive and creative vision. Ultimately, my role in the project was pretty small as he had taken a strong creative position in bringing his ideas to life. Once I discovered his music, I realized that he is not only an innovative artist, but a creative force.

Dub FX Music

Defining Dub FX music is difficult. When you hear the name, you might instantly think of Electronic Dubstep rave music. I did. You might think he’s a rapper of some sort. In reality, Dub FX music is an interesting blend of influences. There is definitely an electronic and hip-hop element, but his misic also features a healthy nod to Reggae and the heart of a soulful street performer singing for the art and the people.

Why It’s so great

First of all, it’s clear that the music is the star and that in a world of celebrity and image, Dub FX is an artist with a love for and dedication to his craft that is sadly rare in today’s music scene. The music is memorable and catchy but feels more real than the overly produced pop hits on the radio. What really makes his music stand out, however, is the thought and effort behind it. This is an artist who uses his words and music to lift people up and to inspire. His music often has an important message for individuals and society without being preachy or obnoxiously political. He is perfectly adept at creating music that has both lyrical weight and musical beauty. For a perfect example of his blend of skill and message, be sure to check out Future, one of several tracks I’ve listened to on repeat many times over.

While this short article only offers a small glimpse of this talented one of a kind artist, it is my way of showing respect for his work and appreciation for the way his music has enriched the lives of his fans. If you are not a fan of Dub FX yet, be sure to check out his library of music. You won’t regret it.

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