Describing yourself is always so difficult. Interestingly enough, I’ve written hundreds of professional bios and about pages for others (Shameless plug for Fiverr Gig) but it seems daunting to talk about myself. I guess my one-word self-description would be ‘unconventional.’

That is certainly the best way to explain my career. I went from being the weird homeschool kid to college graduate to working in criminal justice and medical arenas, before ultimately becoming a writer. I did not knowingly set out on the path to where I am but found it along the way regardless.

My takeaway is that we are inevitably pulled toward our passions. Ultimately, my degree didn’t matter. My career plan didn’t matter until I changed my plans to align with my passions. I suspect that there are others here who find themselves at this same intersection in life. If that’s you, reach out.

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