Do what you know and do it well

One of the most important components to success on Fiverr is building a reputation. You have to be able to show that you do quality work and have a stack of positive reviews to prove it. Focus on your strengths rather than what others are selling. Certain types of work are just bigger sellers than others. If you select the most in-demand service and create a gig in that category you can guarantee that you will hear from a lot of interested buyers, but if you provide low quality work in that category, you can be sure you will accumulate negative reviews and a huge drop in sales. Offering work you can’t complete is just about the fastest way to end your Fiverr career.

Don’t get greedy

You really can make a lot of money on the Fiverr platform, however, you have to look at the buyer’s perspective as well if you want to make sales. If you overcharge your buyers, you can’t expect many sales. Determining price involves some experimentation and a little trial and error. Finding the right price point is essential to effectively using your time while not pricing yourself out of sales

Don’t undersell yourself

Just as important as not overpricing your services, is not setting them too low. Marketplaces like Fiverr cater to many reasonable and professional people, but also attract those who are trying to get a lot for nothing. Just a quick look at the buyers requests will show you that some people have unreasonable expectations. You can easily find buyers looking for massive amounts of time-consuming work for $5. If you set your price too low, you will get sales, and you will be overworked and underpaid.

Communicate your services clearly

Avoid problems and trips to the resolution center by making your offers clear and ensuring that buyers understand what to expect from your service.  It’s easy to create confusion in your gig details if you don’t put enough effort into explaining exactly what is included. If your buyer misunderstands the offer and your work doesn’t deliver what they were expecting, you can easily end up with negative reviews, disputes, and a lot of wasted time cutting into your profits. 

Understand your buyer

The other half of the important communication dynamic The other half of the important communication dynamic, understanding your buyer’s needs is critical to success on Fiverr.  This really comes into play when working with buyers requests. Some requests are very detailed about their project needs, whereas others are very general. If you are a writer and a buyer request says “need someone to write a blog post.” You are going to want to find out about word count, tone, style, keywords, audience, and anything else they didn’t mention which impacts the work you do. If you don’t identify specifically what the buyer is looking for before you begin work, then it is far too easy for them to say the completed work did not meet their expectations.  The other half of the important communication dynamic

Make custom offers on buyer requests

Buyer requests are a great way to build a client relationship.While there can be some communication challenges when working with buyer requests, they can also be a great way to find work and build client relationships. Rather than waiting for someone to find your gig and place an order, you can take the more proactive approach and seek out buyers looking for work that matches your skill-set. It is direct and allows you to customize your pitch to the specific project. You may have skills or experience that are not listed in your profile or on your gig page that apply to a certain project. Using custom offers allows you to really show why you are the best choice to accomplish a specific job.   
Buyer requests are a great way to build a client relationship.

Be selective when it comes to making offers.

Success on Fiverr is about building strong buyer relationships. To do this, you have to be selective about who you send custom offers to. While the buyers request section of the site is a great place to find solid work, it is also a place that attracts problem buyers. These include people who have ridiculously high expectations (Ghostwrite a 90,000 word novel for $5, etc,) people who have no clear idea of what they want and will likely eat up a lot of your time for little pay, and of course straight up scams. Look for three things in a request: honesty, clarity, and fair pricing.  Stick to that, and you will do well.

Communicate during and after the work

Communication is key. Really, if you look at the rest of this list, you can see that much of what we are talking about falls under communication.  After ensuring that you and your buyer are on the same page before you begin work, it’s a really good idea to communicate during your work on a longer project as well. Providing updates builds trust with your buyer and lets them know you care about them and their project. It is also important to communicate after the work is delivered. This goes a long way to building a positive relationship with the buyer and shows that you care about the end result and their satisfaction with the work.

Follow the rules

Here is a pretty simple one.  You can’t make money on Fiverr if you get banned from Fiverr. Do not accept payments outside of the Fiverr platform. Do not contact buyers outside of the site. not only will these get you in trouble, but when you think about it, these rules are in place partially as protections for you. Let’s say that you have a dispute with a buyer and they are refusing to pay for work agreed upon or are demanding additional work. You can go through the resolution center, and as long as you clearly and honestly communicated your terms, you will be protected. Now, let’s say you arranged a project over the phone or through personal email. Fiverr customer support cannot do anything about negotiations that happened outside of their site. These rules are for your protection, and violating them can quickly end your career on Fiverr.

In the end, remember to pay attention, communicate, and follow the rules and you will do just fine.

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