Continuing my series highlighting those professionals who deserve some extra recognition, today we look at Daniel Botero. If you are a college student, you may be familiar with Daniel’s work, or probably should be.

Who is Daniel Botero?

Daniel Botero is a motivational speaker, top-rated podcast host, and author. He is an accomplished business professional with a successful career including multiple roles with a Fortune 50 company. His business success is impressive, but there’s more to his story.

From Humble Beginnings to Personal Victory and Public Success

Daniel Botero came to the United States as a child with his mother. They had very little money, but a lot of heart and aspirations to achieve the American dream. Daniel’s dreams and hard work paid off. He graduated college in four years with two majors, bought his first home at 23, and managed to pay off more than $20,000 in student debt. He went on to land lucrative corporate positions after college, putting his education to good use. What he realized, however, was that his success story was a rare one and that many college students don’t fare as well after graduation. It was this realization that would give him direction moving forward.

Building a Career Out of Helping Others

Coming to understand that 2/3 of college students don’t transition into successful careers after graduation, Daniel saw an opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with students getting ready to enter the workforce. Leaving the corporate world, he shifted his focus to helping students learn the keys to finding and acquiring their dream job after college.

Now Daniel is the host of a top-rated podcast called “Mastering College to Career” in which he shares advice and tips to help students in the successful transition from school into the workforce. He has also published a book of the same title with much of the same valuable information. When he isn’t sharing information through his podcasts, Daniel can often be found speaking at colleges and universities educating and inspiring students to achieve their best. His dedication to helping others has earned him a spotlight on this site and some much-deserved recognition.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for more like this.

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