I had the best of intentions back when I started writing artist spotlights. To be fair, I haven’t done many. The reason I started the concept in the first place was because I wanted to recognize those who create art that brings something special into the world whether it’s an artistic beauty or a new perspective. One of the most important things I want to accomplish is a celebration of artists who’s creativity creates change in the world no matter how big or small. I believe in supporting people who use their unique voice to say something that only they can. As someone who is constantly creating and always using her voice to speak up for others, Ami J. Sanghvi certainly deserves a seat in the spotlight.

Ami’s Art

I discovered Ami’s work when I became somewhat active in the Twitter writing community (mostly just lurking and barely posting because I was Twitter-illiterate.) She shared a video of her reading one of her personal poems. I was struck by the emotion and reality of her words. I had been overwhelmed with the fake, clout chasing, roleplay that is social media, and here was someone speaking their truth and sharing their pain. Her words were beautiful and heartbreaking.

It wasn’t long before I acquired her first book of poetry “Amaranthine: A Poetry Collection” and it did not disappoint. Since then, Ami has followed this work up with several other collections that explore a variety of themes and range in style from semi-autobiographical poetic verse to dramatic imagery and magical realism. Each work stands on its own and takes the reader on a unique journey.

Why It’s so Great

Ami is a well-rounded artist with many talents. in addition to her published written works, she has demonstrated her incredible eye for artistic beauty through her photography and digital art. She is also very active on social media having engaged with people around the world who appreciate the depth of her work.

What really makes Ami’s art great is the truth that it speaks. When you read her poetry, you feel the emotion behind it. You don’t have to identify with the story it tells, but the words bring you in and show you an unfiltered view of a world outside yourself. Oftentimes we find these days that art and marketing have become intertwined and work is designed to sell rather than to express. Ami’s work is a true expression of the complex beauty, sorrow, light, and shadow of life.

Beyond the power of her work, Ami uses the power of her voice in a way that we should all take note. In a social media world that is so often focused on self-promotion, Ami uses her platform to speak to equality and inclusiveness. Through her work and her media presence, she has shown compassion and dedication to uplifting those who are held down and lending her voice to those screaming to be heard.

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, the world seemed to change overnight and our collective conversation changed. During this time, many shared hashtags and posts in support of social change. Not simply following a trend, Ami continues to use her social media platforms to push for education, justice, and much needed change. She has gone beyond the popular minimum of sharing memes and outrage and has taken the time to raise money for organizations that help while sharing resources and educational material (see links below.) Ami’s art is something special and her voice is inspirational. If you are reading this and have not seen this talented artist’s work, I highly recomend checking out the links below.

Where to Find Ami’s work

Poetry, Photography, activism, everything I’ve talked about above can be found right on Ami’s official website Blood, Ink, and Roses.

Find Ami’s collection on Amazon here.

Twitter: @BabyVampAmi

Instagram: @eyebrowsandroses

Resources and fundraisers

Help Ami support equal access to education and a bright future for girls everywhere by supporting the She’s the First fundraiser.

Support The National Bailout and get access to exclusive content from Ami on Patreon

#BLM resources

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