Ernesto Diaz is another artist that I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to work with. I don’t know him beyond the short period of time I contributed to a project of his in a very limited way, but he rather quickly made an impression. I was struck by his energy and spirit.

Some of his work is very dark and emotional, and yet his communication was always notably warm and friendly. Both interactions with Ernesto and his work revealed a very genuine person who lives life without pretension and is more than willing to turn an introspective lens on himself. These are some of my favorite qualities in an artist, and the reason I’m giving him a shout out here.

Ernesto’s art

Ernesto is a Poet. As of the writing of this post, he has one published collection. I honestly don’t know if he intends to put together more, but what I do know is that what he has created is a fascinating look at life in all of its highs, lows, and imperfections.

Why it’s Great

Ernesto’s collection is called “Leaves From my Poetree” and it takes you on a roller coaster of trauma, evolution, and self-discovery. Ernesto lays bare the story of his life from deep childhood scars to the hopes, dreams and doubts he carries with him today. Now, I’m going to give this poetry collection a really strange compliment. Here it is. “I did not like all of the poems.” In case you don’t know why I say that’s a complement, allow me to elaborate. It’s easy to throw together a bunch of pretty words and maybe a rhyme structure and make something that’s popular. I respect any artist who takes the harder road of making something that is raw and real.

Some of the “leaves” so to speak, are deep and impactful with notes of philosophy and wisdom. Others are less mature and at times may even feel a bit frivolous. This, however, is what makes the work as a whole so great. When you read through this collection, you really get the feeling that you are being guided through the evolutionary stages of a man finding his way through life growing from an immature boy into a man who’s still trying to make sense of it all. For me, Ernesto is at his best when he exposes his wounds and shares his pain with the reader. There were multiple times where the brutal truth of his words hit hard leaving me a bit shaken and at the same time impressed with his skill for expression. Whether it’s these dark and emotional pieces or the lighter fair found within the collection, it is definitely worth a read.

Where to Find Ernesto’s Work

Click below to check out the collection on Amazon today.

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