Yes, this is for you. If this post found it’s way in front of your eyes and the title got your attention, it’s for you. You are a creative person. You have that unfinished work that you keep telling yourself you will publish someday, or at least finish writing it. Sometimes you feel like getting it out and onto the page is a burning need. Most if the time, however, you remind yourself that you have other things that need your attention like work, school, family, or whatever else you feel leaves you no time to write. You keep telling yourself that it isn’t a priority. I’m here to tell you that it should be.


If you have a story to tell, no one else can tell it.

You are the only one who can tell your story and if you don’t, no one will. Think about your favorite book or even a movie. Think about anything that has ever entertained or inspired you. No matter how big it may be, at one point it was one person’s idea. Imagine the hole that would be left if your favorite author, screenwriter, musician, etc had never put pen to paper and turned their idea into something to share with the world.

You Could Become a Successful Writer

One of the most common reasons for not writing is also one of the worst. People don’t want to take the risk of publishing work that “probably won’t be successful.” You hear this from people all the time. People who are too scared to try anything themselves are more than happy to tell you that you will probably fail. Here’s the thing, if you are writing a book only to sell and increase your wealth, you are just putting ink on paper. You are not creating anything more than a a written request for people to give you money. Readers are not likely to respond to this passionless plea. However, if you are writing because you have a story to tell, if you are writing because there is something inside you that you need to share, don’t let anyone tell you not to do it.

Worst case scenario, you put the time and effort into your work and it doesn’t become a big seller. This is the case for authors around the world. It’s a sad reality, but would you rather create something special that can never be taken away from you or die knowing that you let fear stop you from expressing yourself and telling the story you have inside?

Best case scenario, you become another story of that independent author who took the risk, put in the work, and became a best-seller. Do yourself a favor and don’t tell yourself the odds. Don’t think about the statistics. Don’t even let the what ifs take up any space in your mind. Instead, just write. Write for yourself. Write without limits and create something that could change someone’s world.

Someone Needs to Read Your Work

Someone out there needs to hear something that you’ve been keeping to yourself. Whether it’s inspiration, motivation, or a much needed escape, that story you are holding onto could be the thing that makes someone smile, helps them to see a different perspective, or inspires them to change the road they’re on. Words have power. Your words could change the world more than you know. so…

Write the book!

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