I’ve got some interesting facts for you. Just some fun little tidbits of random information to share with your friends. Today’s facts are especially great for writers looking to add a little flair to their work with some words you never thought of using.

Fun with the English Language

This one might not come up a lot, but if you need to find a professional way to reference the crack of one’s butt, the technical term is “intergluteal cleft.” Now you know.

Do you know what a “Hyperbolic Paraboloid” is? Well, if you find yourself needing to describe the shape of a Pringle, that is the geometric term. Amaze your friends, or just make people think you’re really weird at the grocery store. “Do you have any Hyperbolic Paraboloid chips?”

Did you know that of you start to get frostbite, but it’s not a full-on bite yet, it’s called “frostnip?”

Let’s say you are writing a fiction book that takes place back in the days when men would duel for honor. What if you want to break out of the norm and add a third person? A three-man dual? There’s a word for that. A dual with three people is actually called a “truel.”

Want a cool way to say someone left abruptly? Abscond is pretty cool, but why not try “absquatulate?” You don’t hear that one every day.

Why call someone a lush, a drunk, a heavy drinker when you can call them a “winebibber?”

An arrogant man is “toplofty.” Break this one out for the next know-it-all you talk to.

Pass the pepper, but be careful. It could be a “sternutator.” A sternutator is something that makes you sneeze.

Which sounds better, to “dim the lights” or to “obnubilate?” You decide.

Lastly, I hope this list didn’t cause you to engage in “floccinaucinihilipilification” (the act of estimating something as worthless.) Hopefully, you found something interesting or at least found a little amusement. If so, follow me for more fun facts.

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