Freelance writing in 2021 is still a very lucrative career path. Many writers or aspiring writers may have concerns about how feasible this career is in today’s economy. This is totally understandable since 2020 did so much damage. The important thing to remember is that there is always money to be made in freelance writing. The key is knowing where to focus your attention. It really isn’t about good economy or bad economy, it’s about assessing need and finding clients. To clarify, here are some important points to remember.

Freelance Writing Markets Constantly Change

The market for writers in 2021 is not the same as it was in 2020 and it certainly isn’t the same as it was ten years ago. The market for freelance writers is influenced by a range of factors from cultural trends to the global economy. It is a supply and demand issue. For example, when Twilight was popular, if you happened to have a manuscript about moody vampires, publishing companies looking to copy the success had more of a demand for your product. On the other side, once people turned against the books and movies, your chances of selling a shiny vampire story of your own decreased quite a bit. The economy is the same way. When things were going great and people had money to burn, they were more willing to invest in a freelance writer to help them create something that might be a risk. When the economy tanked, there was certainly still a need for writers, but buyers were forced to be a little more conservative.

Adaptability is Key

In my experience, the economic downturn did not eliminate opportunity, but focused it. As I have mentioned before, I don’t believe in picking a niche as a writer. I feel like if you like it and you’re good at it, do it. That’s why I write everything from Professional bios for entrepreneurs and businesses to Comic Book scripts. I have made money, writing poetry and marketing scripts. I have done a lot, however, to stay afloat during the pandemic, I had to adapt to current needs. When times are tough, fewer people are looking for help with their movie script and more are looking for business writing to keep their doors open and keep food on their table. By adapting and shifting my focus, I was able to find work while helping small business. Clearly, adapting to the environment as a writer is important, but where should we focus in 2021?

Tips For Writing This Year

So, we have established that understanding the market and adapting to it is important. One issue though is that we cannot predict what is coming down the line. We cannot say what the future holds, but we can take some hints. Here are a few good points to remember when it comes to freelance writing in 2021.

  1. We have a hopeful economy – This really isn’t about Republican or Democrat. It is about stability. The economy does not like uncertainty. Now that the Inauguration is over and vaccines are being distributed, there is a sense that we could return to some form of normalcy.
  2. We are not out of the woods yet – Keep in mind, however, that many Americans are still out of work and the pandemic is not over.
  3. The U.S is under new leadership – While we may be in a more hopeful time, there is the possibility that new government leadership could make changes that impact the freelance economy, like what has already happened in states like California. Keep an eye an legislation that could affect you.
  4. Expect a BIG cultural shift – Some of the greatest success comes from catching trends and capitalizing on cultural changes. Think about the 1950s. This was a time when we had come through a great depression followed by a world war, and people were ready for change. People flocked to the suburbs and innovative new inventions hit the market. After restrictions are lifted, I would expect people who have been in lockdown to open businesses, start bands, make movies, and chase their dreams. They will need a writer to help tell their story.

Remembering these points and focusing on the world around you will make a world of difference in your writing career and put you on the path to a successful 2021.

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