It’s Poetry Wednesday! What does that mean? It means I’m going to share a poem and a thought with you. Hopefully, Today’s poem resonates with you in a positive way.

Below is from a collection that’s in the works. If you want to see more of my work, check out Recension: a Poetry Collection on Amazon.

Poetry Wednesday

I Am

I was a dreamer, dreaming dreams of lives I would never live. 

I was a lover, loving love I would never know.

I was a child looking to a future that was not set.

I was a stone hoping to be a river.

I am…

I am a dreamer touching the dream with burnt fingers.

I am a lover cautiously opening to love.

I am standing with crossed fingers at the door of life.

I am a stone floating in a river.

I am a journey on a broken road.

I am…

Often when we look back on our lives, we either have regret about the past or feel like we have failed to achieve what we expected to by this point. “I am” is a poem about finding the middle ground and realizing that just because the journey isn’t what we expected, doesn’t mean it’s over.

If this had an impact on you today, drop a comment.

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