Do you have a small business or maybe a side hustle you hope to turn into something more? Do you know how important it is to market yourself, but hate marketing? If this sounds familiar, these marketing tips are for you.

More than ever, people are finding, or at least looking for new ways to work. The old way of putting in your 40+ hours for the boss man every week until you die has really lost some of its shine in recent years. People are going into business for themselves, freelancing, or paying the bills with gig work.

The challenge is, now you have to market yourself and your brand, and if you are not a marketing wiz, it can be a little overwhelming. I’ve assembled some helpful tips to get you started.

Marketing Tips For People Who Hate Marketing

  1. Don’t ignore Social Media – This is going to sound weird, but I lowkey hate social media. As an Elder Millennial, I understand social media platforms but don’t really enjoy them. I remember the “Old West Internet” where everything wasn’t owned by like 2 companies. The days of MySpace are still fresh in my memory. I don’t love today’s socials, but I use them. Why? Because you can’t reach people in the Matrix without going into the Matrix. Use social media marketing to make connections and build your brand.
  2. Don’t Fixate on Social Media Either – Social media is the gateway to bigger audiences. If you want to get your business, service, idea, or whatever you are trying to market in front of a lot of people, you need to use it. However, many people fall into the trap of focusing too much on this part of marketing. Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon so much that it has really taken some of the power from the platforms. What I mean is that Socials are so overrun with people trying to sell something, that your message may get lost. Facebook ads are the modern used car salesman. Sure, they can be helpful, but when I see them coming, I know I don’t want to interact with them. That’s not how you want to make people feel about your business.
  3. Be Organic – So, if you don’t beat your audience over the head with ads on Social media, what do you do instead? I recommend this crazy concept I have of being genuine and actually trying to provide value. I know it’s weird. “What about the metrics???” “The SEO” I get it. We’ve been sold this idea in recent years that we have to focus on Google rankings, trending keywords, social followers, etc. I’m not going to pretend these things are not important. You can’t avoid them. What you can do, is remember that you didn’t start a business for Google. Remember your audience and create content for them. When you make organic connections, you build trust and create sustainable growth.
  4. If All Else Fails, Hire Someone Else To Do It – Hiring professionals can make it a lot easier to run your business. If you hate using Twitter or X or whatever we are calling it today, there are people out there who will build your brand and grow your audience without you having to compose a single tweet. Does data analytics give you a headache? There are people who live and breathe numbers and statistics. If you need someone you can trust to write content for you, I know a guy. It’s me, I’m the guy. Shameless plug in 3…2…here. But beyond me whoring out my writing services, there is a whole world out there of people with different skills. Finding the right person with the skillset to complement yours can make a huge difference. Feeling stuck? Ask for help.

Obviously, there is a lot more to the ever-changing marketing world, but I hope these marketing tips helped give you some ideas or maybe gave you a smile or two. If you want to see more posts like this, enter the Matrix with me and give a quick follow on the socials below.

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