Marketing mistake

Marketing is essential to any successful business venture. The problem is that when entrepreneurs and small businesses start out, they often make the same marketing mistakes. A lack of proper understanding of essential strategies can be devastating to any business plan.

Why Marketing is Important

Marketing is the way a business connects with customers and clients. Without these connections, businesses cannot thrive. Think about if you invented the next great technological innovation — something that everyone needs. This sounds like an easy money-maker, right? Well, what if no one knows about this amazing product? What if they don’t know they need it? That’s where marketing comes in. However, be careful to avoid some common mistakes.

Don’t Get Marketing and advertising confused

In the example above, you might come to the conclusion that advertising is the next important step. After all, what better way to make sure people know about your product? However, advertisements don’t necessarily get the point to your target audience. What if they see your ad but don’t know they need your product?

Don’t Fixate on sales Either

Advertisements tell people “about” products and services. They don’t necessarily capture the “why.” This is where a good sales plan could be essential. Of course, “sales” is about getting customers to buy. The problem is that nobody really likes being “sold to.” This is why it is important to understand that marketing is something different.

Avoid the Number One Marketing Mistake

To understand marketing, you have to understand what it is. The biggest mistake people make is thinking marketing is about getting customers or making sales. Good marketing is about making connections. If you think about marketing in terms of turning strangers into customers rather than connecting with people, you are starting out on the wrong foot and making the number one marketing mistake.

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