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Fiverr offers a useful platform for both freelancers and those looking for professional services. For sellers, one of the questions that typically comes up, is “How do I become a top-rated seller?”

I will tell you that it is not easy. If it was, it wouldn’t mean anything. If you are serious about your freelancing career, however, it is certainly worth pursuing.

Below are a few quick tips. Want to go to the next level? Download my free guide at the end of this post.

  • Provide quality work – This should go without saying, but you can’t make it to the top by delivering poor-quality work.
  • Make your gig clear – One of the most important things to achieve top-rated seller status on Fiverr is to make sure your gig(s) clearly define what you offer to buyers.
  • Excel at customer service – Remember, customer service doesn’t only apply to people who buy from you. Make sure you answer messages, follow up, and provide great communication to everyone you talk to on the platform.
  • Sell yourself – Everything about your gig listing from the image you choose to the last bit of text in the description tells a story. Tell the right one by following my detailed tips below.

Once you understand how to present yourself on Fiverr and grow your business, you are on the right track to achieving top-rated seller status. Check out my free guide below for more in-depth information about becoming a top-rated seller.

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